7 Creative R&B and Neo Soul Videos from the '90s and 2000s by Naturals


1Blessednatural: 7 Creative R&B and Neo Soul Videos from the '90s and 2000s by Naturals
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Hey, my blessed naturals!
I remember when music videos were so creative that they looked like mini movies! Here are 7 creative R&B and Neo Soul videos from the '90s and 2000s by artists who wore natural hair:

1. "On & On" by Erykah Badu
Ms. Badu was having a Cinderella moment in the "On & On" video. It seems like everything was working against her getting her chores completed. The house was a  mess. The kids were running all of the place. The dog snatched her laundry off the line. She also falls in the dirt, but she made it out of the house to sing at her favorite club. I love the story and "back in the day" feel to the video. Oh yeah, be sure to peep her putting the little girl's hair in a ponytail. That girl has a lot of hair! Speaking of hair, Erykah Badu's hair was in long dreadlocks in the mid '90's. She wore them in her popular turban looks.

 2. "Video" by India.Arie
India. Arie. stood on her porch rocking jeans with the label "Love Yourself" on the back pocket. She was the girl rocking her Bohemian look, guitar, beautiful chocolate skin, and long dreads who was going to teach you self-love. She auditioned for a music video to find that she was not "the average girl" in the video, but she still loved herself unconditionally. I like when the older man gives India Arie an orange--very symbolic. I love the colors and the simplicity of the video.

3. "Everything is Everything" by Lauryn Hill
Hill stood on the city streets of a big record player with the Empire State building in the middle. We see a few young men being frisked by the cops. When the DJ mixes the record, 2 guys fall on their feet. I think it's symbolic of the things that happen to many of our youth, especially the males. Lauryn Hill struggles to catch the needle of her dreams but says that "things come slow or not at all." The inclusion of her CD as the record was too cool! I love Hill's looks in the video. The denim added to the city feel. Also, she rocked her dreads well.

4. "Hopeless" by Dionne Farris
 The "Hopeless" video by Dionne Farris might seem like a basic video, but I'm listing it because I love the song, and it is from the soundtrack of Love Jones. Farris is writing and singing the song with former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson. Farris and her friends are watching the movie while the song is playing. I just want to know what happened to R&B  movie soundtracks, and can we bring them back? Dionne Farris is rocking a short haircut which she pulls off well in this video.

5. "Keep Trying" by Groove Theory
Young Amel Larrieux is going to jump out on faith and follow her dreams, leaving her worried mother behind. She is moving out of her house and going to a hotel. While she is walking there, she catches Bryce Wilson's attention because of her singing. When he arrives at the hotel, he hears her singing inside of her hotel room. Wilson invites her to sing for his band. Dream achieved...or at least a start! I love the 1970ish vibe of the video down to Amel Larrieux's outfit. I also love her natural hair. Also, Bryce Wilson is handsome! 

6. "Just Friends (Sunny)" by Musiq
Musiq is singing in the street with his friends, when he spots a beautiful young lady who is rocking her natural hair and decides he wants to try to talk to her. I love the side-eye she gives the other dude, lol. Her and Musiq exchange numbers, and the friendship begins! He likes her, but doesn't want to pressure her into a relationship. I love the story. I also love the use of the vintage Volkswagen camper van. I remember the whole scarf bun trend back in the 90's and 2000's. I love the cut and color of Musiq's friend's hair. The "Just Friends (Sunny) song was for the Nutty Professor II: The Klumps soundtrack. I know I already asked this, but can we bring R&B movie soundtracks back? The little 2-step at the end was cute. Musiq has cut his hair, but his fro was also cute.

 7. "Floetic" by Floetry

Natalie Stewart (The Floacists) and Marsha Ambrosius's (Songstress) video for "Floetic" had a similar theme to the "Everything is Everything" video by Lauryn Hill. There is a DJ or group who is using the city as instruments and studio equipment while the dynamic duo are introducing themselves. The video begins with him pulling the cover off of a house which is vibrating with music like a big speaker. The group comes out of it. The cars are the volume controls. The industrial stacks have a man playing them like a saxophone in the back. The bridge is the guitar. The houses are the piano or keyboard. The creativity goes on and on, in this video! Love it!  Stewart rocked her dreads while Ambrosius rocked her Afro. I love the classic filter on the video. Bonus: The group has announced that they are getting back together for a tour this year.

What other naturals had creative R&B and/or Neo-Soul music videos in the '90s and 2000s? 

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