1BlessedNatural Hair Spotlight Introduces: Shirelle

Good Morning everyone,

     Yesterday, I ran into a natural haired young lady on my way to work. She was rocking copper and honey blonde dreadlocks, and her name was Shirelle. I heard of using henna hair treatments, but I'd never really researched them. She schooled me on the method. Shirelle said that she was using regular permanent color on her hair. But, the chemicals were damaging her hair. One month ago, a friend suggested that Shirelle use henna to color her hair. Now, she couldn't be happier with the results. Shirelle explained that the henna treatment product she uses is like a paste that you can easily apply to your hair. My fellow natural advised that if you have dark hair like mine, the color may not take unless you get your color stripped (as you would with normal hair color)

     After rocking her hair natural for years, Shirelle says that she decided to lock her hair 5 years ago.
She encourages all the women that she loves to go natural. There are other ways to straighten our hair without using harsh chemicals. I can agree with that :-)

                                                                                              Until Next Time...
                                                                                              God is good :-)