Protective Styling/ First Salon Experience: Knotted Micro Braids

I've been wanting braids for a while now. Today, I had the patience to sit down and get them done. Today was the first time that I have been to a salon since I've gone natural (5 months) I am happy the results. When I first made my appointment, I said I wanted braids a little bit bigger than micro braids. But, the stylist ended up doing them any way, which was not a problem.  I used the Wet and Wavy Human Hair by Janet. My stylist braided my hair about two inches, and then put a knot at the end of the section of hair to keep it from coming a loose. One of my friends had just suggested that I should not get micro braids because of the stress that they place on the hairline. Check out the braids in the front at the top (TIGHT) lol. But, I'm not worried.

I shampooed,deep conditioned and detangled my hair the night before. In the morning, I applied Organics Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner  by Africa's BEST and Coconut Oil. I had a feeling that my stylist was going to use the blow dryer. This was a problem because I do not use any type of heat except the heating cap for deep conditioning. Number 2, she combed my dry hair (grrrrrr) with a rat tail comb (ohhh nooo). I did not say anything because she was actually substituting for the original woman who was suppose to braid my hair. I did not want to be rude. I figured this was just one time. Another woman finished my hair. She kept parting my hair with the duckbill clip even though I was wincing in the chair. It's almost like many stylists have the attitude that your hair should hurt, like it's a punishment for wearing your hair natural.

I felt sorry for another young lady in the shop; I wanted to speak up for her.  The stylist was giving her cornrows. Her idea of detangling was raking over her natural hair with a Rat Tail comb also. When I see people use that incorrect way, I remind myself that they are not aware of how to handle natural hair the correct way. The manner in which they handle the hair is again, like your punishment for wearing your hair natural. It's the type of attitude like, "What do you expect if your hair is this nappy". They do not say it, but they act like it. It's super ignorant. Many braid stylist only focus on the braids; they do not care anything about your natural hair. I've found this article that explains a lot. Anyway, that was my experience at the salon. I would love to read yours :-)

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  1. Oh, I am too late to read the article. The link doesn't work.

    I try to avoid salons. I hate spending hours on my hair and I'm skeptical about stylists (I have found some good ones though). I feel sorry for that girl whose hair was raked by the stylist. A little water and conditioner goes a long way in terms of detangling.

  2. Hi Aritul! Yes, I guess they took the article off. It just talked about how most braid shops are braid factories. The stylists are concerned with the amount of heads that they can get done. Often times, they do not even know or care about how to take care of natural hair...
    I agree water and conditioner go a long way.


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