How to Put Cowrie Shells in Natural Hair

Natural hair updo adorned with Cowrie Shell.

Hi everyone,
I've been receiving some questions about how to put Cowrie Shells in your hair. Hopefully this post will help many of you with the accessory. (Click here to jump to the video tutorial). They are simple and cute accessories. Here are the items you will need:

1. Cowrie Shells
2. hair pins
3. snag-proof elastic bands

Using Elastic Bands to Apply Cowrie Shell

1. Squeeze the elastic band between your thumb and index finger.
2. Loop one side of the elastic band through the middle of the shell.
3. Put your index finger through the two looped sides, and put shell on desired section of hair

*This method is good if you want to put the Cowrie shells on locs. 

Using Hair Pins to Apply Cowrie Shell

1.  Take 1 hair pin and put one prong through the middle of the shell. Slide the pin down to the end of 1 side of the shell.
2. Use another hair pin and put it through the opposite side of the shell. The pins should be parallel. This will help the pins glide into your hair.

*This way of applying the Cowrie shell to your style is good for updos.

           UPDATED with Video!

What is your favorite hair accessory?

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