After My 2nd Trim

Good morning everyone!
My trim is complete. Because my hair is healthy, I did not need to trim a lot. I trimmed about 1/4 of an inch in most places, and 1/2 of an inch in the few rough areas. My hair damage was mostly at the top and back of my hair. The hair at my crown is the longest, and I wanted that to be a little bit shorter any way. I think that I may wait 6 months or more for the next trim, depending on the condition of my ends. Still learning!


  1. Nothing like a good trim to really help with retention and prevent ssk's and fairy knots.

  2. My hair is also longest at the crown. I think it is because it gets rubbed the least there.

  3. @JenJen, I think so too!
    @Dom, thanks Mikette :-)!


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