Protective Styling: Hats,Scarves, and Flat Twists

After reading Precious' article "Winter Hair Care", I've decided to wear hats as part of of my protective style choice for the winter. Two days ago, I decided to flat twist my hair. I twisted it so that I could wear my hats; I also wanted to get an idea of how to flat twist my hair for styles. My parts are sloppy and big because I rushed, and used wide tooth comb. (I will be using a Rat Tail comb next time). But, I was still happy with my results. I am getting the hang of flat twisting on my hair. I will probably do a flat twist up do as another protective style. 


I tied a satin scarf around my head to protect my hair from being damaged by the hat

The finale: my hat! lol


  1. Currently my style of choice. I just have my front bang area out...

  2. This is what I do evevry winter. As a matter of fact this winter, no one is seeing my hair except my hubby and kids lol!

    Nice that color on you!!

  3. I hate hats. I don't even own any and I live in MN.

  4. @Coilybella lol I hear you! Thank you! :-)
    @Jen, I used to hate hates also. But, I guess I decided to make an exception for the winter.


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