1BlessedNatural Experience: My Hair After a Cowash & Detangle

Hey everyone!
I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.  I have not been doing much cowashing, but I decided to cowash today. My hair has been dry because of the cold weather and dry heat indoors. So, I cowashed (using V05 Moisture Milk shampoo). Then, I deep conditioned and detangled my hair. As my hair grows longer, the detangling process becomes more challenging. But, it's not impossible :-)  I tried something new today... I had a jar of the Coconut Oil Conditioner (pomade) by Softee that I did not want to go to waste. I have heard that mineral oil/petrolatum are good sealants. So, I applied my KeraCare Conditioning Hairdress to damp hair and applied the Coconut Oil. Then I put my hair in medium sized twists. I will do a twist out in the morning, and let you guys see my results.