Does My Natural Hair Grow Faster Than My Permed Hair?

Happy Sunday everyone,
Since I've made the choice to go natural, my hair seems to be growing at a faster pace than when it was permed. Every time my friends and family see me after a short period of time, they say, "Your hair has gotten longer!" I also take a multivitamins, so I figured maybe that was increasing my growth.
 But, when I did my research and thought about the subject, I found out that my natural hair was not growing faster than my permed hair.

Regardless of your effort, on average, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. This may vary slightly, depending on genetics and lifestyle. I also realized that when I was perming my hair, I would get my ends trimmed about every 2-3 months or when it was time for another perm. But, I trim my natural hair approximately every 4 months or as needed. Because my hair is not chemically straightened or colored, I do not have to deal with my hair being in an already weakened state when I style it. I try to keep it moisturized, so I do not have to deal with a lot of breakage. As a result, I retain more length as a natural than as a permed head lol.

I've also realized the difference in my trims as a natural and my trims as permed by a salon. I remember a few times where I went to the salon to get my ends clipped, and came back with my hair touching my neck because the hair stylist trimmed too much. Since I have BC'ed, I trim my ends myself.

As a result of my research and reflection on experiences, I have found that I retain more length as a natural than I did when I permed my hair. It is not my growth rate that is changing much :-)

I am interested in your thoughts on your retention rate as a natural vs. permed head... Do you find that you are retaining more length as a natural or as a permed head?


  1. The real difference in my natural hair and my permed hair is that I don't have the breakage. My hair use to simple break off. I had broken hairs all over my bathtub and sink that it was embarrassing. Now if I see any hairs they are shed hairs instead of broken hairs.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Growth is growth. There is not much you can do to really influence speedier growth. "It just does what it do." But retention is the key. I think as naturals we are more cognizant and mindful of the things we must do to care for our hair. This special care (which, by the way, we could have done as permed beauties) allows us to retain more of what we grow. I'm not even sure that there is more or less breakage as a natural. I'd guess that our natural hair can be as suspectible to breakage due to dryness or lack of proper moisturization or rough handling or heat or other imbalances . . . With proper care, it will certainly seem as if our hair is grower faster or longer or better . . . but it is not. But, its fascinating, isn't it?

    1. Yes, we definitely could have taken better care as permed beauties! I used petroleum grease on my scalp when I permed my hair. It would have been nice to know that wasn't the right thing lol. It is very fascinating!


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