Indication of Product Build-Up

Happy Sunday everyone!
So, last week I co-washed my hair last week. Two days later, my hair became sooo dry.
I tried moisturizing it, but it remained dry. I realized that my hair needed a good wash because
of all of the product build up. I do not know how some people only do co-washes lol. I guess it depends
on your hair and the products that you use.


  1. I tried just co-washing early in my transition and hated it. I found that preferred shampoo for cleansing my hair. I haven't tried again and have no plans to do so again. The learned quickly from my first lesson.

    1. Yes, I just do them once in a while. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  2. I know what you mean. That's why I use the Mop Top gentle shampoo and I only deep condition every other week.

    1. Hey Jenn, That's interested @ deep conditioning every other week...
      Maybe I will try the Mop Top shampoo.


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