Working with My Natural Hair in Sections

Hey everyone!
This weekend I tried washing my hair in sections, and I love it! I parted (or not lol) my hair into 4 sections and clipped each section. I tried to not scrunch up my hair when washing to avoid as much tangling as possible. After I washed 1 section, I clipped it  and moved onto the next section. Afterwards, I applied Suave Naturals' Everlasting Sunshine conditioner to each section. I tried using a dye brush to saturate my hair but, I did not like using something similar to a regular brush on my hair. I tend to use a lot of conditioner, but the sectioning helped me saturate my hair better. The detangling process was also so much easier and took less time than when I washed my hair without the sections.

Do you wash your hair in sections?


  1. Sectioning is boss . . . especially as your hair gets longer. At some point, you will HAVE TO wash in sections. Your hair won't let you approach it any other way. Congratulations on finding something that works well for you!


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