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This weekend I got the chance to give my hair some tlc. I washed and deep conditioned my hair with Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonnaise. I will try to do the protein treatment at least once a month.

My curls seemed to spring to life when I used the Hair Mayonnaise.

I stretched my hair by using the Banding Technique. I used the blow dryer (on cool setting) to dry the parts that were wet. I tugged at my hair while blow drying, causing it to stretch more. My new fall hair regimen includes the Hair Milk Lite Leave-In Moisturizer by Carol's Daughter and Cantu's Creamy Hair Lotion. I applied both products to my hair and sealed with Coconut Oil. My hair was amazingly soft and moisturized. I worked with my hair in 4 sections, and I was able to put the products on the whole section without it drying out before I was done. I twisted my hair into small twists. I has happy to see that my hair seemed fuller and neater than my last attempt .


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