Natural Hair Boredom

I'm starting to get bored with my fro and styles. Am I allowed to say that??? lol  Yes, it happens. There will be times in your natural hair journey where you will get bored with your hair , just like any other type of hair. But, that's a great time to do a protective style. I will be doing more mini two strand twists soon. I was also thinking about getting flat twists done at a salon with extensions, possibly. But I have to research a good natural hair stylist first. The last time that I went to an African hair braiding shop and the stylist did not know how to comb natural hair.


  1. I get more worried or frustrated with my hair rather than "bored." But I can certainly understand the sentiment. Styling ruts can lead to this overwhelming boredom. So, you are right to start thinking about new ways to wear your hair . . . especially if they are also protective.

    Of course, please tell your natural hair stylist -- when you find him or her -- to go easy on your edges AND not make it so tight AND to ensure that the extensions aren't too heavy. (Boy, oh, boy I definitely feel some kind of way about it, don't I?) I am terrified to go and get my hair braided for all those very reasons.

    Please let us know what you decide.

    1. I got you JW! It's like no one can take better care of our hair than we can!

  2. I recommend watching some You Tube videos before spending money. When I get bored I watch a few videos and then try something new on my hair. It would save you some money.


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