Natural Hair Misconception: It's Too Much Work

Happy Monday everyone,
I have heard many women say they don't want to go natural because it's too much work. They do not want to buy a lot products. They do not want to style their hair a lot. I'm here to say that you do not have to do those things if you do not desire. I am a person that likes to try different products and hairstyles. However, I have found a simple hair regimen that works for me:

Daily: Moisturize my hair and seal with oil morning and night
            Current Style of choice- Twist outs - twist hair nightly

                                       -apply Coconut Oil and remove twists in morning

Every 1-2 weeks- Wash my hair with Castile Soap mixture and detangle
                                  - deep condition with protein or moisturizing conditioner 
                                    - apply leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, oil and style

Favorite Protective Style- Two Strand Twists
Daily- Apply Coconut oil to my hair, sometimes after applying regular moisturizer
                     -I chose to wrap my twists at night to keep them stretched. If I have my twists styled in an
                     updo, I do not need to wrap them.
                    -(optional) Wash and deep condition my twists after week 1.

I have my favorite products. But if I run out of one product, I may use that as an opportunity to try a different product. Sometimes, I do not wait until I run out. I told you, I like to try different products (a.k.a. product junky) lol. You also have the option of asking beauty supply store operators if they have product samples. This way, more of your money stays in your pocket.

Growing your hair out naturally does take some work, but not a lot. You have to detangle your hair and keep it moisturized. You also have to keep your scalp clean. These are things that will pay off. However, you do not need to buy every new product that comes out. You do not need to change your hairstyle every day.  You can use protective styles like braids, twists, and tuck-under styles to avoid styling your hair daily. The less manipulation, the better it is for your hair. When you have found the products and/or techniques that work for your hair, you can just stick to those.  When you find one thing that works, write it down until you have your own, complete hair regimen. Be sure to have fun in the process :-)

What is your natural hair regimen?


  1. Natural hair is less work than people think and MORE fun that folks know. Big ups for natural hair!


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