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In the movie Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Tyler Perry takes us through a seemingly predictable plot. The truth is, you're in for a big surprise. The movie is centered around the main character, "Judith" (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) who is a college graduate that always dreamed of becoming a marriage counselor. However, she finds herself working as a consultant for a dating service. Although Judith is married to her childhood sweetheart "Brice"(Lance Gross), she is seduced by a rich man named "Harley" (Robbie Jones). She ignores the warnings by her boss "Janice"(Vanessa Williams) and her mother Ella Joyce, and indulges in the temptation of Harley. As a result, she finds herself dealing with irreversible consequences.

My Review

I really enjoyed this movie for a number of reasons.The cast wasn't just a group of well-known actors and actresses; they could all act. They also seemed to have great chemistry. Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Lance Gross did an amazing job. I thought singer/actress, Brandy Norwood did a very good job also. Her character was very believable. Actress Renee Taylor provided much needed comic relief. I even liked Kim Kardashian's role as "Ava". She wasn't bad at all.

In addition, I loved Tyler Perry's acknowledgement of the problem that many recent college graduates face. College graduates often enter the work world, but they may not enter the career of their dreams, immediately. Depending upon the person and their circumstance, they may find themselves in the same place as Jurnee Smollett's character, where they're working just to pay the bills. Later on, they may enter the career they desire. I think a lot of people, including myself can relate to that aspect of the movie.

The movie reminded me a lot of the movies, "Why Did I get Married Too" and "For Colored Girls" because it dealt with the issue of infidelity and its consequences. I love the fact that Tyler Perry is not afraid to portray those issues on screen.  I believe his audience learns from the portrayals. I also like the existence of God in the movie, through the characters. In this case, it was Judith's mother. I like the fact that Perry can move from one end of the spectrum to another. He can produce his funny Madea movies, and then do a serious movie like Temptation. Job well done Perry!

Other things that I liked about the movie was the set design. The designs seemed to really portray the moods in the movie. There were also a few scenes where places around New Orleans were highlighted. I thought it was a great move by Perry to bring the audience back to the jazzy New Orleans in which many of us are familiar.

Tyler Perry's movie, "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor" kept me on the edge of my seat. The cast consisted of very talented individuals who came together to portray the consequences of falling into "temptations". The movie starts a few conversations that need to be had in our communities. Go see it!

Grade: A-

Have you seen the movie, Temptation? If so, what did you think of the movie?


  1. Yes Sabrina, I did see the movie and I did enjoy it. I thought the actors were Amazing and the story line very nice. I think that I would have liked to see the ending developed a bit more. I think that Jurnee's character at the end seemed loanly and broken. If it is a book I have never read it but that the married couple did not make it after her temptation also could have been carried out a little better. Was it that she had contracted HIV that they did not make it or that it happened through adultery. Brandi's character also came across as very loanly and this is the old HIV story line of isolation, depression and death. This is not how things function in 2013, people are living productive and regular lives with the help of HIV medication and truthfulness. I would have liked to see that symbolized as well but that may not have been the story or subsequent meaning he wanted to portray. I do think it hit home as far as consequences of our decisions and what looks good is not always good for you. Adultery is never good! Harley had everything... but Nothing and had alot of mental issues that obviously had not been addressed between his childhood and adulthood and actions.

  2. Hey Vet! You have a good point... I was thinking the same thing about Brandy's character being lonely. But I wonder if she isolated herself because of distrust and fear from Harley, instead of her HIV status. I agree with you about Harley's issues not being addressed. The two characters were two extremes. Harley was with many women, and Brandy's character was alone. I agree with you about Jurnee's character too. The film didn't really say why her character's marriage didn't work out. But, I think it was because of the adultery. She had already made up her mind she wasn't happy with her husband. The Marriage Counselor was originally a play, but I didn't see it. Wikipedia said the film was darker than the play. Now, I have to get the play on dvd lol.


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