Natural Hair and Negative Comments

Last night, I did a rod-set, but my hair was still wet this morning. I lost the bigger curls. But my little curls are popping :-)

You're a natural. You've learned to love and celebrate the curls coming from your scalp, but guess what! Many people have not and might not ever get there. It's just like anything else. When you're natural, some people will feel the need to voice their negative opinions about your hair.

Last month, I attended a family event wearing a puff with a spearmint green and white polka dot headband. One of my female family members walked up to me and told me my hair was getting out of control, and that I just didn't know what to do with it. I was completely caught off guard, in the beginning lol. I didn't say anything. I just looked at her. Another family member stepped in to make her aware that I had a hair blog which showcased several styles. However, my mouth stayed shut. I didn't feel the need to explain myself or my hair choice to her. I didn't need to convince her of anything. Silence is often the best answer to address negative comments.

In addition, if you read my blog last week then you know my hair was previously  mini-twisted with beads. Two young girls on the train decided to share their thoughts out loud, stating that beaded styles were outdated. My response to the comment was silence. For some reason, I knew the conversation between the two young women would turn into at least one of them justifying why they were wearing weaves. One of them stated that just because you wear weaves, it doesn't mean you don't have hair. She said she cut her hair. Her statement was one that was common in the BLACK community when it comes to hair and hair growth, especially back in the day. Now, many of us have learned how to grow our natural hair out.  Back to my point lol. Everyone is not going to be a fan of natural hair. You don't go natural for anyone's acceptance; you go natural for yourself and God :-)

I would like to hear about your natural hair experiences with negative comments.

What happened? How did you handle the situation?


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