1BlessedNatural Spotlight Presents: Artist, Serge K. Akwei

When I first saw the work of Serge K. Akwei, I was blown away. I had known Serge awhile, but I didn't know he was an artist.

Serge K. Akwei -Artist Statement: I'm just really interested in portraying beauty in women who are not necessarily what you see in the mainstream. I like the unfinished look because it brings a certain energy to the Art. It's an exciting journey and I feel like I've only now begun."

"Class" by Serge K. Akwei

"Free" by Serge Akwei

"Fro" by Serge K. Akwei

"So Blue" by Serge K. Akwei

"Foulah" by Serge K. Akwei

Please visit Serge's website to view more of his work. You can also email him at serge@g.pl

What is your favorite piece above?

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