Natural Girl in Shoe Store

Last month, I wrote an article called "Natural Girl with Flat Shoes". In the article, I talked about the need for supportive shoes. This weekend, I took a trip to the mall to find a good pair, and I must say that I dislike crowded malls! When I walked into one shoe store, I noticed that one of the saleswomen was rocking her natural hair. The women's hair was black and cut in a fade, almost. But, It wasn't sharp edged. Her skin was dark brown. The woman wore a black dress with a sort of white print on it. She had a very natural look. I thought that was too cool. I started to ask her to take a picture, but I didn't want to get her in trouble, lol. I also found shoes at the store that I liked :-) Yes! lol.

Are there any stores or other places where you're starting to see more women rocking their natural hair?