Current Trim Regimen: In Twists

Hey everyone!
This weekend I shampooed and deep conditioned my hair. I haven't "shampooed" my hair in

weeks because it dries my hair out. I ran out of my Castille Soap mixture, and figured I was due for a good wash to remove the product build-up on my strands. This time, I mixed Olive Oil with my shampoo. As a result, my hair didn't dry out during the process, and my scalp wasn't itchy. After applying my conditioner, I applied plain white yogurt to my hair and twisted it up. I left the conditioner and yogurt in my hair for about 15 minutes while sitting under a heating cap.  (I will be doing an article on using yogurt as a conditioner.) Afterwards, I rinsed it out.

I haven't trimmed my hair since January, after experiencing heat damage. Since then, I have learned that the key to healthy hair and length retention is to keep my hair moisturized, especially the ends. As a result, my ends haven't needed to be trimmed... until now!

Single Strand Knots: I haven't had many split ends since January, but I had a lot of Single Strand Knots (SSKs). Single Strand Knots is when your strands knot up, especially at the ends. The reason for my SSK's were two-strand twists. Many times when I would remove mini-twists and my ends would be curled, they would knot up resulting in an SSK. When you get them, it is best to cut them off. Not only did I have a lot of SSKs, but I had a lot of staight hairs from head damage.

For approximately a year , I have used the method of trimming the ends of my hair while it is in twists. I used to trim my hair every 4 months, but now I only trim as needed. The trimming in twists method is better for me because I don't have to worry about cutting too much hair off. This time, I only cut a little off the ends. One of my twists had about 5 SSKs at the ends.

First, I put my hair in 3 ponytails. Then I took 1 twist out of 1 of the ponytails and cut the frizzy/straggly end from the twist. This process was continued until all of my ends were trimmed. As a result, my curls were uniform in thickness to the tips. I knew when I had removed all of the SSK or damaged ends, because my ends curled up. The end result was a handful of little curls... not much at all :-)

How often do you trim your hair? What method of trimming do you use?