Ibtihaj's Verdict on Shea Moisture Hair Color System

Happy Sunday everyone, 
Last month, Ibtihaj (pronounced Ib-tah-ha) sent me the photo above, of her hair. She wanted to do a color, but she was concerned about her hair getting damaged during the coloring process. On July 18th, Ibtihaj took a leap of faith and tried the Bright Auburn color by the Shea Moisture Hair Color System, and loved it!

Because her hair was dark, she was concerned about the color taking. But, It took to her hair really well. The great thing about the Shea Moisture Hair Color System is that it doesn't have any Sulfates or Ammonia. Ibtihaj said the product felt like a conditioner on her hair instead of dye.

Have you tried Shea Moisture color? Were you pleased with your results?

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                     Update on Ibtihaj: Fro with Side Cornrows
                     Update on Ibtihaj: Length Check!