Product Review: Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze

Happy Saturday everyone,
If you read my article, "Attractive Words Used in Natural Hair Packaging" then you know that I bought the Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze awhile ago. I tried the product on a small piece in the back of my hair, and it was okay. This week, I used it on my hair to do a wash-n-go and twist out.

Product: Dark And Lovely's Au Naturale anti-shrinkage Curl Defining Creme Glaze

Place: CVS

Price: $10.00   

Claims: "... hold will morph curls into healthy-looking, frizz-free, silky ringlets"

  First 5 Ingredients: Water (Aqua, EAU), Glycerin, Glycine Soja Oil/ Soybean Oil, Polysorbate 80, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Consistency- pink, light, pudding-like

Fragrance: strong fruity or candy smell

  My Wash-n-Go

I was skeptical about trying this product in the beginning, but I decided to try it anyway since I'd already purchased it.
I used this product for a wash-no-go, and I wasn't too happy with my results. After co-washing my hair, I applied my leave-in conditioner (while my hair was wet). Then I shingled the Curl Defining Creme  Glaze to my hair, applying a generous amount to my hair and finger combing through (as suggested on the back label). The product sat on my hair for hours. Although the formula is like a light-weight pudding, it left a greasy and sticky feeling to my hair. I wasn't pleased with it. My curls were frizzy and drawn up by the end of the night. The instructions on the back also suggest diffusing your curls after application, but I opted not to do so because my curls were already frizzy.

Twist Out

Generally, I use a moisturizer on my hair before twisting my hair for a twist out. But, one night I tried using the Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze, and my hair did not shrink up. I liked the fact that my hair hadn't shrunk. But I disliked the stickiness.

Grade: C+

Did you try the Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze? Were you happy with the results?