1BlessedNatural Myth Busters #1: Baby Oil is Good for My Hair

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Today I am introducing a segment called "1BlessedNatural Myth Busters." I will be debunking common myths about natural hair.

Myth #1: Baby Oil is good for my hair.

1BN: Baby Oil is not good for hair because it contains an ingredient called mineral oil. Although mineral oil is often used in hair and skin products, it is not a good thing to put in your hair. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines mineral oil as "an oil of mineral origin; especially : a refined petroleum oil used especially as a laxative." Mineral oil is also found in petroleum jelly. It is not a moisturizer. If you apply mineral oil to dry hair, your hair will look shiny but it will be dry underneath. If you apply the product to your hair, you cannot apply a moisturizer on top of it, because it will lock out the moisture. You will need to wash your hair before applying another product that will moisturize your hair.

On the other hand, mineral oil locks in moisture. As a result, you may use it to seal in the moisture into your hair. For example, you can apply a moisturizer to your hair and then apply mineral oil on top to keep the moisture in. Please keep in mind that mineral oil also attracts dirt and dust particles. As a result, you will  need to wash your hair often, after applying products like Baby oil or pomades that contain mineral oil. It may also clog your pores which can slow down hair growth. Please keep those things in mind when making your decision to use products with mineral oil in your hair. 

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