1BlessedNatural Spotlight:Yolanda Adams' Fishtail Braid

Yolanda Adams' fishtail braid (photo courtesy of the Yolanda Adams' Official Facebook Page)
Happy Friday everyone!
Yesterday, gospel singer and radio host, Yolanda Adams posted the photo above of her fishtail braid. She posted the following caption:

Getting Ready for #Howsweetthesound camera read. Miss Adele fish-braided me. It's all mine!!

 Adams also wears weaves and wigs. She is another example of how Black women can retain length and grow their hair. It's all about learning to care for it hair properly. Plus, I love her fishtail braid (smile). 

Yolanda Adams (photo courtesy of Flickr- Aberdeen Proving Ground)

What do you think of Yolanda Adams' hair?

Enjoy your Friday!  

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