1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Breast Cancer Awareness Haircut

Ladi Butler's  Breast Cancer Awareness haircut (photo courtesy of Malik Versatility Cooper's Facebook page)

You all may know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Men and women are raising awareness and supporting the cause by sporting pink attire. You may even catch members of the National Football League (NFL) running up and down the field with pink helmets, sneakers, and gloves. Unique and fun fashionista, Ladi Butler decided to raise Breast Cancer awareness in her own way by sporting a pink ribbon haircut. The haircut is bold, fun, and very meaningful. 

When I asked Butler what motivated her to get the cut, she said that she wanted the haircut to raise the awareness about Breast Cancer. The young lady felt that many African American women, like herself were not educated about Breast Cancer. They don't know how it develops, or is treated. Butler said that although she stepped outside of her comfort zone a bit with the Breast Cancer haircut, she is happy because it means so much to so many people. Butler said, "I'm proud that my wackiness can put a smile on someone's face." She was approached by a young man who lost a relative to Breast Cancer. He wanted to take a picture of Butler's haircut. She said she blessed by the young man's request. 

The photo above was posted by hairstylist, Malik Versatility Cooper with the caption, 
"Hair is my canvas." 

Well, that is alright with me! Go ahead, Ladi and Mr. Cooper!

How are you raising Breast Cancer awareness?

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