Natural Haired Characters in Video Game

Natural haired girls in Just Dance 2014

Happy Sunday everyone!
The video game JustDance 2014 proves to be a real treat for those of us who love natural hair. The dance segment for the song "Could You Be Loved" by Bob Marley features two young girl characters with curly hair. This weekend, I played the game on the Xbox 360 console with my niece. Just Dance 2014 is also available for the Ninetendo Wii, and Playstation consoles.In the game, all the characters' skin are whited out, presumably so that you can imagine yourself as the character while you are dancing. One of the young ladies is dressed in a pink and blue tank top with yellow, black, and red tights, and red and white high top sneakers. Her hair is in a natural hair puff. The other young lady (who looks older) is wearing a yellow and black print, button up shirt with red and white, triangle print shorts. Her sneakers are blue and white, and she is rocking a huge curly fro with a red headwrap. Some of the other characters are also rocking locs and curls during their dance segments.  It is great to see that natural hair is being celebrated more in mainstream media. It's great for kids and teens to be able to see people like themselves on a video game. Oh yeah, the song and dance is nice too (smile).

Natural haired girls dancing to "Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley in Just Dance 2014

 What do you think of the video game?

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