Hair Update: Accessories, Short Hair Remedy, and Extras

natural hair puff and flat twists with accessory

Hey my blessed naturals!
The northeast is currently experiencing another snowstorm, lol. Some of us already have 2 or more feet of snow on the ground from Thursday's snowstorm. This one is approximately the 8th one we've had this winter. Thank God for making it through dangerous conditions, though!

In hair related news,  I'm back to wearing my puff with flat twists style. Today, I wore one of the $1.00 discount hair accessories I bought a long time ago. I love the decorative silver and metallic, wire comb because the teeth are curved. This way, I don't have to worry about it causing breakage when I pull it out of my hair.

Also, I have a few short hairs in the back of my head. When I pull my hair into a high puff or bun, they fall from the rest of the group lol. For the past couple of days, I have been wearing one horizontal flat twist across the back and pinning the end of the twist into the puff. Problem solved (smile). I plan to wear my hair in this style for a while. Because I've been wearing flat twists in the front, my hair has grown a lot in those areas. Thank God for protective styling!

Flat twists into puff

Side bar: Once in a while, I'll shop at Urban Outfitters, but I always seem to find at least one thing I like. During my last trip, I found a green, pink, and purple USB cord I thought was really cute. It cost $12.00. The cord is 3.3' long. It looks a lot like a flat and green rubber band if you cut it.

What's your current natural hairstyle?

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