Solange Knowles Introduces the "Girls of Blaze Disc Collection" for PUMA: My 2 Cents

"Girls of Blaze Disc Collection" photos (photo courtesy of the Official Solange Knowles Facebook page)

Yesterday, singer, style, and natural hair icon Solange Knowles shared the photos of the new "Girls of Blaze Disc Collection" footwear by PUMA in which she served as the creative director. Back in November of 2013, PUMA announced that Knowles would be the creative consultant for the new line of footwear. The "Girls of Blaze Disc Collection" photos were photographed by Alan Ferguson and feature several young women posing in different scenes while wearing a pair of the newly designed sneakers. Knowles was excited about her new project. On her Facebook page, she wrote, "SO STOKED to share with you my new visual concepts & art direction for the @Puma "Girls of Blaze" collection..." Go Ms. Knowles! 
 My 2 Cents

When I first saw the photo above, the colors popped out to me. I love the pastels. I think it gives the photo a type of charm and "back in the day" look. The only things I would have liked to see done differently is that the models would have been average weight. I also think the photo would have been as effective in capturing the target audience's attention if the women would have been wearing shorts instead of underwear. Yeah, I said it! LOL. PUMA sells underwear. Maybe that was double the advertisement, lol. I don't know. I like the setup of some of the scenes in the photo. The orange feather, Volkswagen Beetle, stadium, and blue tights scenes are really cool. I also like the look of the sneakers on the women's feet. In all, the photo is eye-catching.

Solange Knowles (photo courtesy of Flickr-annainaustin)

The"Girls of Blaze Disc Collection" by PUMA (photo courtesy of

What do you think of the "Girls of Blaze Disc Collection" photo and sneakers?

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