Sonequa Martin-Green's Straight Hairstyle on Talking Dead

Sonequa Martin-Green on "Talking Dead" on AMC

Sunday, 'Walking Dead' star Sonequa-Martin Green appeared on the talk show Talking Dead on AMC. Green sat alongside co-star, Lauren Cohan who plays "Maggie" on 'Walking Dead'. Many of you sent me questions about the actress and her hairstyle in which I wanted to address.

On the show, Green wore her hair long and flowing with a part on the side. The hair that framed her face was feathery and flipped outward.One question some of you asked was whether Green's hair this week was real or not. It looked as though she may have added hair. Although, I thought the style looked really cute on her, it would have been nice to see her rock a textured style. Green previously appeared on a taped interview segment on the show with her hair in a flat twist and bun style.

One of the questions some of you asked was why do I think she did not wear her natural hair. My answer is that it's all about personal choice. I also think that when actors and actresses appear on the "Talking Dead" or any other show, it is important that people differentiate them from the characters they portray. For example, Sonequa Martin-Green plays the character "Sasha" on the show and Sasha's hair is natural. As a result, when Green walks onstage, many people identify her as being her screen character instead of herself. Also, her stylist may have suggested that she wear her hair a certain way. She may have also been practicing protective styling (smile). Those are my guesses.

In addition, it was good to hear Green's insight on Sasha's character. One of the things she revealed was that Sasha was a firefighter before the zombie apocalypse, and that was one of the reasons why she had a tough exterior. I found myself laughing at her rejection of Bob's attraction to her when he kissed her. But then, I felt bad for both of them. Bob's reaction of walking away like, "Oh well" was also funny to me. It will be interesting to see more of the development of Sonequa Martin-Green's character "Sasha" as well as the other characters on 'Walking Dead.' It will also be interesting to see her hair choices too.

What did you think of Sonequa Martin-Green and her hairstyle this week on "Talking Dead?"

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