My Natural Hair vs. Permed Hair Costs

Hi my blessed naturals!
Lately, I've been curious to know how much money I save as a natural as opposed to perming my hair.
Here is my breakdown:

Disclaimer: My "Permed Hair Vs. Natural Hair" chart does not include my tendency to practice product junky behavior lol. I only included the necessities of my natural hair care regimen. Thank you. LOL.

Based on my chart, I save about $34.00 on a bi-monthly basis. Since I buy most of my products every 2 months, I decided to calculate the costs bi-monthly instead of monthly. When I first started the chart, I added  the category of "Salon Visits (between perms)." My costs would have been even higher for permed hair.
I also could have illustrated the cost of doing the perms and trims myself. It would have brought the $61.66 lower.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this exercise. I think it is really useful for those of us who would like to create a hair budget.  It's also great to use if you are trying to decide whether you want to go natural. My experience rocking my natural hair is priceless!

Are you going to try making your own "Natural Hair Vs. Permed Hair Costs" chart? If so, what products or categories will you list?

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