Solange Rocks Diana Ross Inspired Hairstyle

Solange Knowles (photo courtesy of Instagram (saintrecords)

Hey, my blessed naturals!
Singer and style icon, Solange Knowles posted a picture on her Instagram of her rocking a hot pink suit, soft wavy hair, white strap shoes, and a light green clutch. The look was for the Gucci Cosmetics launch earlier this month. Knowles' hair was a little longer than shoulder length and parted down the middle. Her hairstyle is reminiscent of singer, Diana Ross' who is also known to wear wigs and weaves. Lately, Knowles has been wearing different types of wavy wigs, but I like the one above most. I think her unique sense of style has made her stand out in the entertainment industry and establish her own brand.

Diana Ross (photo courtesy of Flickr-Linda Bisset- license)

What do you think of Solange's hairstyle?

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