Love Your Kinks, Curls, and Waves!

pic taken: April 2014- "Love Your Kinks, Curls, and Waves"

The natural hair community has been buzzing about issues like curl discrimination and curl envy. Curl discrimination is when a person's natural hair experience is disapproved or rejected because they're curl pattern is looser. The misconception is that they don't struggle with their hair as much as a person with a tighter kink or curl. Curl envy is when another person wants the curl pattern that someone else has naturally. The most important thing to remember about being natural is the love for what God has given you. When you love what sprouts from your own roots wholeheartedly, the other nonsense will cease. Focus on finding products and techniques that work for YOUR hair. Find those things that bring out the best in your strands. Celebrate your natural hair journey and the journey of others. Support other naturals and continue on your journey!

What do you love about YOUR NATURAL HAIR?

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