New Video! 5 Tips to Overcome Natural Hair Disasters

1BlessedNatural: 5 Tips to Overcome Natural Hair Disasters (video)

Happy Wednesday, my blessed naturals!
I've had my share of natural hair disasters including protein overload, moisture overload, heat damage etc. I know sometimes natural hair setbacks can cause you to be discouraged, especially if you've set hair goals.  Below are 5 tips that have helped me overcome my natural hair disasters. You can also check out the video by clicking the link above or scrolling down to the end of the article.

1. Identify the problem- If your hair is not in its normal condition, do some research to find out what could be wrong. For example, when I had protein overload my hair was hard and straw-like. My ends were also spitting. After doing research online, I found that I was experiencing protein overload. The great news is that there is tons of information on the Internet to help you identify your problem. Take advantage of it. Also, be sure to use your discretion.

2.Find a solution- Do some research to find out how you can resolve your natural hair disaster. Seek others who have experienced the same problem. This will help you focus on your solution and not (so much) on your problem. You can be each others support.

3. Track your progress- There are many ways to track your progress. You can take pictures of your hair after trying a different product or technique to repair your hair. For example, when my hair was recovering from protein overload, I recorded my results with protein free products on this blog. Social media has made it easy to take photos and keep track of your progress. You can also use a notebook or journal.

1BlessedNatural: Here is a picture of my hair while I was experiencing protein overload. My hair was hard and breaking.
4. Enjoy your progress- I think some of the most beautiful things natural hair journeys are the lessons that you learn along the way. Going natural is not a straight path. You are going to have some twists and turns. You are going to make mistakes, and it's okay. The most important is that you learn from them. Relax and enjoy your progress.

5. Pass on the information- What good is it to recover from a natural hair disaster and to learn from it, but not share your journey? Share your lessons with others. You may help someone else overcome their natural hair disaster (smile).

- I've also uploaded a video with these same tips on YouTube. You can check out the video below!

 1BlessedNatural: 5 Tips to Overcome Natural Hair Disasters video

What natural hair disasters have you overcome?

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