India.Arie Goes Back to Her Afro!

1BlessedNatural: India.Arie Goes Back to Her Afro (photo courtesy of Instagram)

One of my favorite singers, India.Arie is back to rocking her 'fro! Today, she posted a picture of her big and beautiful hair on Instagram. In her caption, she wrote, "Hair! #songsinthekeyoflife television special ..." The singer is currently on the Songs in the Key of Life tour with Stevie Wonder. Over the years, India.Arie has cut off all of her hair and let it grow back several times. Back in 2013, we saw her rocking twist extensions with the sides and back of her head shaved off, and she eventually cut off all of her hair. Last summer, she posted pictures on her Instagram page of her kinky twist extensions with the following caption: got my hair braided! My natural hair is SO short! Only a creative genius like my mom could figure this out WITH out pulling my hair too tight. Took 20 hrs. And she stopped everything and did it -- for free... The singer has been wearing protective styles and head wraps, allowing her hair to grow out. I love her Afro!

1BlessedNatural: India.Arie. with kinky twists (photo courtesy of Instagram)

What do you think of India.Arie's fro picture? #naturalhairblog

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