Useful Natural Hair Tips Our Parents Gave Us


1BlessedNatural: Useful Natural Hair Tips Our Parents Gave Us (photo courtesy of Flickr- Rod Waddington under the CC by-SA 2.0)
The natural hair movement might have taught us naturals a few new things, but there are some useful tips that our parents/caregivers gave us early. When I was a kid, my grandmother/mother gave me some natural hair tips that are still useful to me today. They include the following:

1. Don't play in your hair: This is true for me and a lot of other naturals. When I over manipulate my hair, it can get damaged and start to break off.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb: Although I sometimes use a fine tooth comb to detangle my hair, I use wide-tooth combs the most.

3. Check the bristles of the brush: My grandmother was huge on checking the bristles of the brush to be sure they weren't too harsh on my hair. To this day, I am very careful with the use of brushes. The only brush I use is the Gabriela brush (Denman brush knock-off) for detangling. I only use it once in a while because it pulls my hair. I had to remove 3 rows of bristles so that it wouldn't pull my hair too much.

Copyright 2015 1BlessedNatural- mother doing daughter's hair
1BlessedNatural: mother doing daughter's hair
4. Stay away from oil "moisturizers": I remember when one of the popular oil "moisturizers" first came out. My grandmother tried it and she noticed that although my hair was oily and shiny, it wasn't moisturized. When she poured some of the product into her hands, she noticed it was mostly oil, and it separated. I still have to moisturize my hair before sealing it. I do not use any oil "moisturizers" because oils (with the exception of coconut oil) are not moisturizers for hair. But, they are great sealants to lock in the moisture.

I'm grateful for the natural hair tips my grandmother/mother gave me. I would love to hear about your experiences!

What natural hair tips did your parents/caregivers give you as a child that you still find useful now? #naturalhairblog

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