Regina King Posts Before and After Pic of Hair Hot Combed

1BlessedNatural: Regina King Posts Before and After Pic of Hair Hot Combed ( photo cred: Facebook)

Today, actress Regina King posted a before and after Facebook photo of her hair hot combed. This was her caption: I love myself before and after the pressing comb. ‪#‎kitchen‬-dos 
Those born in 71 and before know what those are. Although I was born after 1971, her picture brought back memories of me getting my hair hot combed as a child and teen. My hair was hot combed from the 5th grade to the 11th or 12th grade, and then I started relaxing my hair again. King's photo made me think of the times when I was told to hold my ear so I wouldn't get burned, lol. There was nothing like letting your ear go too early... Ouch! I also remember the sizzling sound of my greasy hair burning when the comb was too hot. Yikes! I think Regina King's hair is beautiful and thick, though. I like her cut too. Good job, Ms. King!

What do you think of Regina King's before and after photo of her hair hot combed?

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