After Protective Styling for a Long Period of Time

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1BlessedNatural- C's twists

Hey, my blessed naturals,
Have you ever wondered what you should do to your natural hair after protective styling for a long period of time? Maybe you wore a wig for 1 year or braids off and on. Well, many of you know my sister "C" has been wearing wigs as protective styles for the past 6 months to give her hair a rest and chance to thicken up. Her main question for me was how should she care for it now that she's taken the wig off. The answer is to give it some TLC! Here's what we did to her hair:

1BlessedNatural: This is C's natural hair after it's been deep conditioned.

Hair Treatment 

1. Washed
2. Deep conditioned 
3. Detangled


Afterwards, her hair was parted in medium size sections and twisted. The following products were applied beforehand:

1. Aunt Jackie's "Knot On My Watch" detangler
2. Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion 
3. 100% Coconut Oil  

*Bonus*- Scalp massage: Scalp massages can help promote hair growth by stimulating your scalp. Try to do one each time you wash your hair.

Note: I would also suggest checking your ends to see if they need to be trimmed. Since I trimmed C's ends in February of this year, her ends are still healthy. The key to maintaining the health of your hair after protective styling for a long period of time is to develop a good natural hair care regimen you are willing to keep. Please keep in my mind you may need to moisturize and seal your hair every day or every other day depending on the porosity and condition of it. C is planning to keep her wig off until the end of the summer. 

Are you thinking about removing your protective style after an extended period of time?

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