Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion vs. Curls Creme Brule on Mini Twists

1BlessedNatural: Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion vs. Curls Creme Brule on Mini Twists

Happy Wednesday, my blessed naturals!
This weekend, I had a chance to try the Curls Creme Brule on my natural hair while doing mini twists. Although, I've used the product before, I've never used it for my twists. Now, you all may know how much I love the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion and the Curls Creme Brule as moisturizers. That is why I decided to give you an idea of how they both did on my twists. This way, you can chose the best one for yours.

Hair Preparation

If you checked out my Instagram, then you know, I washed, deep conditioned, detangled, and banded my hair last Friday. However, I didn't get a chance to do my hair until this past Saturday.

I used a small finger tip sprayer bottle filled with water to moisten my hair before I applied the products. I also tried both products on my hair without using the spritz. 


 Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion vs. Curls Creme Brule

Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion

Amount Used: I love the moisture it gives my hair, but I do have to use a large amount of it to twist my hair. 

Moisture Level: (1-5) I give this product a 4. If you expect to keep your hair a bit stretched after twisting, you can try this one. I usually twist my finished twists and clamp them with a clip to keep the from shrinking too much. (Please see the video at the bottom of the page to see my process)

Curls Creme Brule

Amount Used: I tried applying the product to my hair with and without spritzing water on the section beforehand, and a small amount did the trick. I did my whole head, and I used less than half the amount I would use for the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion. 

Moisture Level: (1-5) I give this product a 5.You can see in the picture above how my twists started to shrink and curl up after twisting. The product is very moisturizing. I dabbed my index finger and applied it to a small section of hair and massaged it into my strands, it covered the whole section of hair.

Both Products

For me, both the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion and Creme Brule are good as far as them stretching... A little goes a long way with both products. Plus, they are both great moisturizers. 

The Winner...

 is the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion because my twists experiences less shrinkage.

I would like to hear about your experiences using these products on your twists!

Have you used Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion or Curl Creme Brule on your twists? If so, what were your results?

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