How to Organize Your Natural Hair Products

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How to Organize Your Natural Hair Products
Hey, my blessed naturals!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms and mother figures! If you are a product junky like me, lol then you might have a bunch of natural hair products in your natural hair stash. The question is how to you organize it. Organizing your products can mean an easier wash day and daily styling, because you don't have to spend time looking for what you need. Here is how you do it:

1. Organize by Product Type

  You can start organizing your natural hair products by the following product types:

1. Shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners
2. Moisturizers
3. Gels, edge control products, holding sprays, mousse, wrap or setting lotion
4. Combs, brushes, scissors 
5. Oils, pomades, butters
6. Miscellaneous: This category is for any products like your own mixtures, heat protectants, oil sheen or any other products that don't fit into any of the categories above
7. Accessories: headbands, clips, hair ties, bands, beads, stretchy bands...

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2. Store Them

1. Shelves
2. Crates 
3. Containers/ storage bins including recycled ones
4. Dresser drawers 
5. Small baskets: I usually keep the headbands I wear the most in a small basket on my dresser
6. Zip bags: You can purchase a box of  zip bags at the dollar store and use them for small things like your hair accessories. I keep my accessories in zip bags, and they are kept in a large storage bin. 
7. Storage bin carts: Storage carts make it easy to keep your items in categories. They're also good to keep products you use every day in them.

Storage cart from Amazon

How do you organize your natural hair products?

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