My Review of Episode 6 of Cutting It: in the ATL

1BlessedNatural: My Review of Episode 6 of Cutting It: in the ATL (photo cred: WE tv)

In this week's episode 6, "The Art of War" of Cutting It: In the ATL, things got more awkward and heated between Dedra and the rest of the girls, especially Mushiya. Remember last week when I said it was safe to say that Beautii and Maja would not be doing business together? See, what had happened was... The idea is not off the table. Beautii has to prove she can stay drama free. We'll see!

Maja invites the women to an art gallery, and it gives me the "staged" feeling. Maja, LaKenya and Beautii are the first ones there. Beautii sees her old client Desiree who got her hair done at Mushiya's salon and tells her she feels she was disrespectful. After Beautii makes fun of Desiree's hair (textured weave style), she decides to leave but is stopped by Mushiya.

Earlier in the episode, Mushiya has a consultation with Desiree about going natural and Desiree removes her tracks. I thought it was cool to see her appointment. Mushiya talks about her leave out section being thin due to over processing. As for Beautii's reaction (with LaKenya chiming in) to her at the party.... I thought that was very rude and unprofessional for her to talk about her ex-client the way she did. Next, Dedra walks in with her friend and client, Fran from the last episode and the tension is thick. LaKenya runs back and forth between Dedra and the other girls which sends mixed signals.

Cutting It: In the ATL (photo cred: WE tv)
If I was LaKenya, I would stay out of the drama. You can't please everyone. Those are grown women who need to learn how to get along or just leave each other alone. But, if that happened I guess there would be no show (shrugs shoulders). Dedra says she is disappointed in LaKenya because she is with Beautii and Mushiya. Remember, Dedra hasn't seen any of the girls since the Boogalou incident, and Maja has been ducking her calls. Because Maja refuses to come over and talk to her at the gallery and is laughing with the other girls, Dedra calls her messy during her confessional. When Fran introduces herself to the other women, Dedra gets jealous and calls her back over to her. She also calls out Beautii's real name, Patricia before leaving the party. Mushiya is stunned that is Beautii's real first name. Once again, she provides the comic relief, but not for long. I think the whole situation is plain silly.

Next, the two biggest highlights of episode 6 includes Dedra reaching out to Mushiya and meeting her at a restaurant. The meeting goes all the way left as one would predict. Dedra tells Mushiya that she has nothing against African people (referring to her comments last episode) because she has African friends. In response to her ignorant comment, Mushiya tells her that is like a racist [white] person saying they're not racist because they have Black friends. Good point! They exchange words and Mushiya walks out. Dedra needs to take the advice of the last 2 or 3 people who said she needs to chill out with the drama. Her negative attitude shows up in her face and in her interaction with others. Prayers! Plus, I think all of the women could benefit from some prayer and a conflict resolution class or 2.

We'll see what happens next week on episode 7! The previews for the show titled "The Take Down" reveals that Dedra is trying to take down someone. Here we go!

What did you think of this week's episode of Cutting It: in the ATL?

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