Aflac Commercial Features Woman with Natural Hair as a Bird's Nest

1BlessedNatural: Aflac Commercial Features Woman with Natural Hair as a Bird's Nest

Happy Sunday, my blessed naturals,
I just saw Aflac's "Duck Salon" commercial which features a Black woman whose hair is made into a bird's nest. After I finished watching the commercial, I was in complete shock and thought, "What did I just watch?" In my opinion, it implies that natural hair is like a bird's nest. The ad originally premiered on Dancing With The Stars' finale on May 19th of this year.

The offensive ad begins with the Aflac duck giving a white woman with straight hair a half mohawk style. The next woman's hair is made into paper dolls at the top. Both of the women stare in the mirror in horror at their messed up styles. Next, there are two woman watching the duck work. One woman who is also white has straight black hair which looks like it's just been washed. She questions the Black woman next to her about her previous comments about the duck being the best at styling. The Black woman says he's no good at styling hair, but he is good at claims services. Her hair is in a half fro with the top shaved bald. She also has some pieces sticking out like sticks in a bird's nest. At the end of the commercial, the duck sits on the top of her head. One woman runs past the two women, crying about her hair.

I say this a lot, but we never have to look very far to see why negative attitudes about our hair originate and continue. Despite this commercial, I'm happy to see more commercials  by companies like Dove  and others that positively showcase women with natural hair. Aflac needs to go back to the drawing board.

What do you think about the commercial?

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