My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL - Episode 7

1BlessedNatural - My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL-Episode 7 (photo cred: We tv)

Hey, my blessed naturals,
Last night's episode 7 of Cutting It: in the ATL was something else. Dedra comes to Maja's house to talk to her about their beef, and Maja calls her out on the fact that she threw money in Beautii's face. I'm happy she said it! Still, Dedra was not trying to acknowledge her wrongdoing. Plus, she was upset that Maja didn't approach her at the gallery. After Maja points out that she is the "common denominator" in a lot of the drama between the girls, it is a wrap for their conversation. Dedra says she really doesn't care about anything else, just if she got hurt during her fight with Beautii and was asked to leave. How do you come to someone's house with drama? I think Dedra wants things her way or it's the highway.

After Beautii goes on a radio show expressing that she gets along with some of the salon owners in ATL, she along with Maja and Mushiya go to a hookah lounge. Mushiya rehashes her disastrous meeting last week with Dedra and makes the point when you love yourself, you exude love. When you hate yourself, you exude hate. I think she made a very valid point. Mushiya had me rolling when she referred to herself. That girl is too funny!

Next, Maja and Mushiya attend a pole dancing class, and Maja expresses that she wants to have a baby without a man. Mushiya shuts her down by saying that is not a wise thing to do. She doesn't feel it is right to deny her child a father. Maja's argues she is doing the best with her circumstances and Mushiya can't speak about her life.

1BlessedNatural: Maya and LaKenya at the factory (photo cred: We tv)

Meanwhile, LaKenya and Dedra are shopping at a beauty supply store, and  Dedra admits she asked LaKenya to come along to keep her out of trouble. Come on. Really? Dedra only tells her half of the story (as usual) about her meetings with Mushiya and Maja. LaKenya is ready to flee the drama and start her own shop. LaKenya, head for the hills!
Then, Beautii and Maja search for a car for Maja's birthday, and Beautii reveals that she wrote Maja a $10,000 check for her Pretty Hair extensions. Beautii's concern is Maja holding onto the check. Pause! If it was me, I wouldn't take it because I feel like Beautii's investment would come with a price which we find out later in the show. At the end of their conversation, Maja tells Beautii she  cashed her check. When she tells Beautii her plans to have a child as a single mother, she has the same reaction as Mushiya. Earlier in the season, Beautii revealed that she was a single parent.

Next, when Dedra hires Tre Stylez, another stylist to teach her how to do the latest sew-in styles, the rep. brings Maja's brand of hair extensions for his demonstrations. Dedra asks him if he is a spy, and he says he is not and just likes the hair. Tre Stylez says he is not a fan of the 4 plaits to the back for $50.00. I was on Twitter when he said it, and some of your responses had me LOL!

Cutting It: in the ATL- Mushiya, Maja, Beautii, LaKenya, and Dedra (photo cred: We tv)

Beautii decides she wants to take new photos for her ads, while Maja and LaKenya go to the new factory where Maja's hair extensions will be made. On the way back, Maja gets a call to ride past Beautii's shop. When she does, she sees Beautii's copycat banner. Earlier, Beautii stated that she wanted to improve her ad campaign and be like Maja with ads everywhere, and I guess this was the start! Smh. Maja, you are right... It is a compliment, but it's still crazy!

Similarly, Mushiya and her husband are at their shop talking about their line of natural hair extensions called Runway Curls. Mushiya says she does not like the fact that many people feel they have to change their hair to match straight extensions to be able to get them. One good example would be Beautii's ex-client, from the last episode talking about her leave-out.  Mushiya feels her line will help women embrace their natural hair texture. I'd heard and inquired about the Runway Curls brand, but I didn't know it was owned by her. Too cool! Let me know if you've tried it.

Lastly, the episode ends with drama when Dedra reveals to her client she's found Maja's mugshot online. Dedra vows to take her down personally and professionally, and she admits to being messy. I think it's funny how we keep getting introduced to new clients because she doesn't get along with anyone. We'll have to keep praying for her! It's interesting because she could have gone to jail if anyone actually called the cops when she had the fight with Beautii, but that's another story. In all, I was happy to see this week's episode focus more on the women as entrepreneurs. Next week's episode 8 is called "Let Them Eat Cake," and it looks like Maja gets a surprise on her birthday cake! Plus, LaKenya is going to tell Dedra she's leaving her shop. Yikes! We'll see how it goes!

What did you think of this week's episode of Cutting It: in the ATL?
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