1BN Contributor: Top 5 Funny Reactions to My Shrinkage

1BN Contributor: Top 5 Funny Reactions to My Shrinkage ( photo cred: ABC/ Black-ish)

Kimberly J. Childs 

As naturals, we know how to give ourselves a complete hair makeover, by simply washing it, and wearing it “out”. I’m about to use the "S" word, Shrinkage. I have gotten many funny reactions to my hair shrinkage, and I know you have too! Here are the top 5 reactions to my shrinkage...

“Oh wow, did you get a haircut?”
This one by far, is the the most popular reaction to my wash and go styles. I will go from super stretched, day 4 hair, to shrinkage that makes me look like I got a haircut; or 2.  It is so hard to explain this to people,especially when they don’t have our texture of hair!  So my quick answer is,” I washed it, let it air dry, and this is what happens.” It is tough for people to fathom this. One guy responded with, “So let me get this straight, every time you wash your hair, it gets shorter??!”.

“What happened to your hair?!
This one makes it sound like your hair is in critical condition, code blue!  “Did you see that 6 car pile up on the expressway? What happened?” “Did you hear about that house exploding, what happened?” “Uncle Joe died? What happened?”. When people ask “What happened?”, it implies an accident, or a mistake. Truth is, what had happened was, my curls decided to naturally scrunch up, and become one with my scalp!

Kimberly J. Childs

“That’s cute, but I can’t get away with that.”
Sadly enough, this one comes from my sistas. Get away with that? Ladies, natural hair is not a bank robbery, it’s a way to wear your hair!  You can get clean away with it!  As long as you feel confident, comfortable and proud, you can do this! What we can’t get away with is allowing others to dictate our feelings and standards of cuteness!  

“What kind of curling iron gets your curls that small?”
A friend who saw my curls, must have thought that I spent 132.5 hours curling each and every hair on my head. What kind of toothpick curling iron is that? When I proudly told her this is what my hair does naturally, she was stunned. I can’t help but to laugh at the thought of this imaginary Q Tip curling iron they think I own.

and finally….

“Are you going to keep it like that?” (Asked in a fearful, sad voice)

When this guy asked me this, I was just about through. It wasn’t the statement, it was the scary, dreadful, disappointing look that came with it.  Like he was thinking, puuhleaaase let her say no, puuuheaaase!!  My answer out loud was, “I always change it!” However, the answer in my head was, “And so WHAT if I keep it like this, it’s my head, my hair, my naps, my life. Get out my 4A world homie, you don’t know my plight, my shrinkage, my...!!”. You get the picture.

Shrinkage Comments Anyone???

Kimberly J. Childs is a freelance writer from Chicago who loves traveling, church activities, and natural hair. Please visit her website to check out more about her. 

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