Little Girl Cut Off Doll's Hair to Go Natural

1BlessedNatural: Little Girl Cut Off Doll's Hair to Go Natural (photo cred: Facebook)

Sunday, Brittany Jones got a big surprise when she saw that her daughter had cut off all of her Princess Tiana doll's hair. When Jones asked why she did it, the little girl replied 'she went natural.' Mom said she was speechless and gave the doll back to her. Hilarious! Jones shared the photo of the doll on Facebook. It sounds like the little girl may have watched YouTube videos of people doing their Big Chop, or maybe Jones herself performed one(smile). Either way, her daughter had that process down pat! It is clear she sees the beauty in natural hair, and that is an awesome thing! Good job, Mom! Please tell your daughter that I said Princess Tiana looks good with her new do!

I asked my daughter what happened to Tiana's hair, and she said "she went natural."
Posted by Brittany Jones on Sunday, October 25, 2015
What would you have done if your little girl cut off her doll's hair to go natural? 

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