Maria Borges Rocked Her Natural Hair in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Changed Beauty Standards

Maria Borges at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (photo cred: Instagram)

Angolan model Maria Borges made history by becoming the first model to rock her natural hair in  Victoria's Secret Fashion Show taped this past Tuesday. Although this was Borges first time wearing her Teenie Weenie Afro  on Victoria Secret's runway, this was not her first time walking in the show. She participated in it in both 2013 and 2014. The 23-year-old's' choice to wear her natural hair move is super significant because she boldly went out on the runway as herself. Her move represents a change in beauty standards.

Year after year, natural hair fans of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show sit with their eyes glued to their TVs, hoping they will see a model wearing their natural hair--a model that looks just like them. Fashion shows make statements about what is supposed to be considered beautiful or appealing to the eye. So, the fact that the models rocked nothing but long straight hair (weaves included) said a lot about beauty standards, but Borges changed all of that. Plus her looks were fierce!  Hopefully, we'll begin to see more Black women rocking their natural hair on more fashion runways.

On her Instagram page, she posted the following picture of her backstage at the fashion show:

Just days before the show, Borges tweeted about her anticipation of rocking her natural hair down the runway:

What do you think about Maria Borges' choice to rock her natural hair on the runway? 

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