Angela Simmons Visits Kids in Haiti

Angela Simmons Visits Kids in Haiti  - Angela and her team with the teen girls (photo cred: ted__jospeh/Instagram)

Shout out to entrepreneur and philanthropist, Angela Simmons! Last month, she spent time visiting kids at the Children of Grace Orphanage and Young Girls Home in Haiti last month. At the end of January, the Growing Up Hip Hop star shared some heartwarming moments with them on social media. The orphanage and girls home are owned by the Mission of Grace which is a Christian organization that serves the village of Carries Haiti and nearby communities. Simmons brought gifts like markers, flash cards, and plush toys for the little ones. She also sang and danced with teen girls from the home. By the looks of the photos, everyone enjoyed themselves! Kudos to Ms. Simmons!

Angela Simmons passing out gifts to the children (photo cred: ted_jospeph/Instagram)
Angela Simmons playing jump rope. (photo cred ted_jospeh/Instagram)

What do you think of Angela Simmons' visit with the kids?

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