My 5th Year Natural Hair Anniversary

Hey, my blessed naturals!

March 3rd of this year made 5 years that I've been natural! It hasn't always been easy, but it's worth it! You all know I've dealt with heat damage, protein overload, and moisture overload. I also have a scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis.  I want to express that for those of you who might be reading this blog for the first time, and do not see the struggles in my pics lol. Here are some pics taken over the past 5 years of my natural hair journey:

Year 1

This was back in 2011 when I was transitioning

Braided headband shortly after big chopping in 2011

Year 2

April 2014 - banana clip updo

Dec 12, 2013 banana clip ponytail

 Year 3

May 2013 twist pin curl-out
June 2013 mini braids

Year 4

March 2014 Eritrean-inspired hairstyle

October 2014 Mini twists

Year 5

March 2015 flat twist twist-out 

April 2015 Cornrow Twists

Year 5 and counting!

February 2016 stretched hair- my regimen

How long have you been natural? 

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