1BN Contributor: 20 Natural Techniques to Grow Your Natural Hair Faster

1BN Contributor: 20 Natural Techniques to Grow Natural Hair Faster
 Lea Harris

Some people think that sporting a short natural haircut is cool. Others, however, think that longer hair is much more fabulous and sophisticated. This is the reason why they want to grow their hair fast. This may be easy when you use some hair growth products. However, resorting to the natural method is still a very ideal thing. It’s because you also need to consider avoiding unwanted hair reactions and side effects.

There are a lot of ways to grow your hair in a fast and natural way. These ways are a lot cheaper and offer you minimal effort. One of these is opting for natural growth techniques. There are 20 ways which are stated below. Take note that when doing these natural techniques to grow your natural hair, you can also support them with oils.

1.      Treat your scalp with a massage. Massage is one of the best things to do if you want to provide your scalp with enough blood flow. Doing this will stimulate your hair follicles, encouraging fast growth. 

2.      Keep yourself away from stress. Stress is known as one of the reasons why hair growth is sluggish. It basically disturbs the normal hair cycle, so keep yourself stress-free and spend more time relaxing and doing meditations and breathing exercises.

3.      Flip your hair upside down (inversion method). Flipping your hair upside down improves your blood circulation on your scalp, making it possible to quickly grow your hair.

4.      Resort to a hair egg mask. Putting a mask on your hair by whipping an egg is a good idea because an egg is loaded with iron and protein and other vitamins that help hair grow faster.

5.      Use a conditioner. Consider using a conditioner after applying your shampoo. It is noted to be really helpful in replacing the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, allowing hair growth.

6.      Say no to shampoo sometimes. Take a day off from shampoos. Shampoos can take away natural oils which help your hair grow healthy. Try co-washing instead.

7.      Say no to hair styling products. You know that not every product is good for your hair health, so better stay away from them every once in a while.

8.      Do a cold water rinse after every hair wash. Doing this smooths the hair shaft and can help to keep the hair healthy

9.      Trim your hair. If you disregard your split ends and just wait until your hair grows fast, then you might be doing it wrong. Using your scissors to cut those split ends that serve as the culprit behind the loss of length. 

10.     Take hair boosting supplements. Taking hair boosting supplements every once in a while, like Viviscal Extra Strength and biotin tablets, also helps you grow your hair fast. 

11.     Do not lie your head on a cotton pillowcase. Cotton pillow cases create tangles, so use a satin pillowcase or bonnet instead.

12.     Use Oils. Oils help the hair grow fast. May it be cactus, olive, coconut, avocado, grapeseed, or argan oil, these natural oils do not only encourage fast hair growth but they are also good for hair strengthening and making your hair stay soft and shiny. These oils are also known for their work in protecting your hair against effects from hair products that you normally use.

13.    Do not wrap your hair in a huge towel. Doing this creates breakage to your hair, so no. Try using a cotton t-shirt to gently squeeze the water out.

14.     Use wide tooth combs. When combing your hair, choose a wide tooth comb in order to provide a gentler combing and to give massaging effect to your scalp.

15.      Rub your hair using your fingernails. Doing this stimulates hair growth. 

16.    Go for ponytails, puffs, or buns. Styling your hair in a ponytail, puff, or bun can serve as protective styles. However, do not make them too tight because they can put stress on your hairline. 

17.    Apply green tea. Aside from natural oils, applying a green tea on your scalp can also help you grow your hair fast.

18.     Follow a healthy diet. Make sure to eat foods that contain Vitamins A, B, C, E, copper, iron, selenium, magnesium, and zinc.

19.     Exercise. Sweating unclogs hair follicles, allowing more space for the new hair to grow.

20.     Remember that you can’t grow hair overnight. You have to be patient. Each month, hair can only grow about a quarter of an inch and that is if your hair is already extremely healthy. It takes time for it to grow.
Now that you've learned the things that could help your hair grow faster and retain more length, start doing them. It is good to resort to natural techniques because they are effective and much safer for your overall hair health.

Lea Harris is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. The purpose of her website,  www.essentialoildiffuserusa.com is to help to educate others about the correct ways to use essential oils. 

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