Black YouTubers Given Personalized Pins to Celebrate Black History Month!

Black YouTubers Given Personalized Pins to Celebrate Black History Month

If you've been on Instagram for the last couple of days, you might have noticed that many of your favorite Black YouTubers (including those of natural hair) received personalized black and gold YouTube pins for Black History Month. Each YouTuber who is a part of #YouTubeBlack was given one pin with the words "IT'S LIT." They received one for themselves and about 100 for the rest of their fans. Some of the YouTubers who shared pictures of their promo pins included, Naptural 85, Quinta B., and Chescaleigh.

YouTubers' reactions to the #YouTubeBlack pins on were priceless! Naptural85 was pleased with her pins. She said, "These pins are so funny and cute!!! Haha, I love them so much @youtube thank you!!!"on Instagram. Quinta B. said, "Here I am as a gold pin.Thanks @youtube." Youtubers like @mysticgotjokes were talking about doing meet and greets and contests for their fans to receive a pin.

YouTube hosted a #YouTubeBlack event in March and April of last year in Los Angeles to celebrate and support Black YouTubers. I love the idea of this pins because they celebrate us and the fact that we are making history now!

Awesome job, YouTube!

What do you think of the #YouTubeBlack Black History pins?

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