4 Tips for a Frizz-Free and Well-Defined Mini Twist-Out

1BlessedNatural: 4 Tips for a Frizz-Free and Well-Defined Mini Twist-Out

Hey, my blessed naturals!
Three weeks ago, I installed some mini twists, and then I did a twist-out. So, I wanted to give you all 4 tips for getting a frizz-free and well-defined twist-out.

1. Don't borrow hair.

Getting a well-defined twist-out starts when you first twist your hair. When you're twisting, try to stick with the same sections. Don't borrow hair from one section to another.  This will enable you to avoid frizz during the takedown process.

2. Moisturize your twists.

Moisturizing your mini twists will help them set for definition! My hair was moisturized daily when I got into the shower. I didn't douse my hair with water, but I didn't put on a shower cap. I just let a little bit of water hit them so that they were wet. After the first time the water hit them, I knew my twist-out was going to be well-defined because they curled up. 

3. Do not disturb them.

While you're rocking your twists, try not to handle them too much to avoid frizz. It is tempting to want to twirl them. LOL. Because I kept my twists in for about a week and a half, I didn't do much to them besides moisturizing them. You can also carefully apply a light oil, like coconut oil to the ends (after moisturizing them) to seal them every couple of days.

1BlessedNatural: This pic was taken before my twists got wet.

1BlessedNatural: side view of my mini twist-out
4. Trim your ends.
If you have damaged ends, they can make your twists look frizzy. I always trim my hair while it is in mini twists, and I did this the last time too. 

Are you going to try rocking a mini twist-out?

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