Why Solange's "Most True to Myself Selfies" are Appreciated

Why Solange's "Most True to Myself Selfies" are Appreciated

While many celebrities aim for perfect pictures on social media, Solange keeps it 100 by posting her "most true to myself selfies." In one of her pictures, the singer appears to have brokne out in hives. "My favorite (and most true to myself) selfie lol," she said.

US Magazine reported the photo was taken on Solange's wedding day. The hives were a reaction to her eating seafood and working up a sweat on the dance floor.

Some fans applauded Solange for her beauty and transparency. One Instagram user said, "Stay beautiful and real. You do NOT need makeup..." Another said, "You make being a weird/eccentric black girl cool. Thank you for that!!"

Solange looks like her niece, Blu Ivy (photo cred:Instagram)

Solange also posted another favorite photo of herself as a child wearing cornrows. The performer's photos are a great reminder that she is human, and fame and fortune doesn't change that. Solange loves and accepts herself, and that's beautiful! Her honesty is much appreciated!

Earlier this year, Solange won a Grammy for her new album titled "A Seat at the Table." The Mona Lisa-esque cover photo had everyone doing their own version of it, including Tracee Ellis Ross


What do you think of Solange's "most true to myself" pictures?