China Anne McClain Unveils Her "Teeny Curls"!

China Anne McClain Unveils Her "Teeny Curls" (photo cred: Instagram/@chinamcclain)

Actress China Anne McClain is not playing on screen or with her natural hair! Yesterday, she showed an Instagram picture of her natural curls while they were wet. She captioned the pic "teeny curls". The curls in the front of her hair were small and tight, but the curls in the back and on the top were looser. Her hair was slicked back behind her ears and appeared to be at least shoulder-length.

Back in the spring of this year, McClain began wearing her natural hair in pictures on social media. In one of her pics, the 19-year-old actress quoted lyrics from Kendrick Lamar's song "Humble". She said, "Show me somethin' natural like Afro on Richard Pryor."In the picture, she is tugging on a small section of her 'fro.

This weekend, McClain starred in a new Lifetime movie called Ten: Murder Island. The movie is about friends who go on a weekend retreat but people start to turn up dead. In July of this year, China Anne Mcclain starred in Disney's Descendants 2 movie. We've seen her and her sisters Sierra and Lauryn in the movie Daddy's Little Girls, and now, they're all grown up!

We're loving your natural hair, China!

Chinna Anne McClain's natural hair (photo cred: Instagram/@chinamcclain) I was waiting to see if anyone on Instagram was going to try and identify her curl type lol.

China Anne McClain with her fro back in May of 2017 (photo cred: Instagram/@chinamcclain)

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What style would you like to see China rock next?

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